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Foster A Dream directly partners with the Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services to improve the lives of thousands of foster youth in LA county.

Love + Give + Volunteer  = Happy Kids & Families


Our Mission

Unlike most teens, foster youth often don’t have the support or services they need to help lead them on the path to success. At Foster A Dream, we believe that every young person deserves to know they matter and are worthy to celebrate every important milestone in their lives.  We believe it's important to lend a helping hand so they can achieve a rewarding future.

Our Founders

Camille Guaty

Actress Camille Guaty has been working professionally in film and television for most of her adult life. Determined to use her platform and voice in a positive way, she decided to start raising money and awareness for underprivileged foster-children in 2016. Her interest in the Foster Care system became personal when, after years of battling infertility, Camille and her husband discovered that there were thousands of children in Los Angeles County who were in need of love, support and care.


In 2018, Camille partnered with Katie Jordan, co-founder, and Carla Gonzalez of the Department of Children and Family Services, to launch a successful Toy Drive, which reached hundreds of children of Los Angeles County, during the holiday season.

Moved by the work Carla and her colleagues do every day, Camille and Katie are relentlessly committed to working collaboratively on new opportunities for foster youth in Los Angeles.

Katie Jordan

Katie Jordan was grateful to be a part of Camille's toy drive last December to benefit kids living in foster care. After meeting Carla Gonzalez, Children Services Administrator at the Department of Children and Family Services, she was inspired by Carla, her co-workers and their dedication to the children in the L.A. County Foster care system.  Carla expressed the many areas that the D.C.F.S could use support to help give their kids some of the basic experiences most kids and parents take for granted. 


Katie and Camille started Foster A Dream to team up with D.C.F.S.  Through fundraising and hosting events for foster youth in L.A. County they hope to improve the lives of foster kids. 

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We work directly with the Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services to make the lives of foster kids just a little bit brighter by fulfilling their wish lists and requests.

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